How does climate change
impact psychological wellbeing?

What are the emotions we feel in
response to climate change?

What have you figured out about
sustaining yourself as an activist?

"Our goal is to bring mental health professionals and the Tasmanian community together to foster mental wellbeing and resilience in response to climate change and other environmental threats."

Need Some Help?

Worried about climate change and biodiversity loss? We hear you, these are challenging times and facing this reality isn’t easy.  Start here for some strategies and tools to help. You don’t have to go it alone.

Keep Informed

Earth Day 2023: Unite to Survive nipaluna/Hobart

Anna Seth It’s been a long time since we did a blog post but we have been keeping busy behind the scenes in the climate and mental health space. Here is a transcript of a speech which I gave at the recent Earth Day: Unite to Survive event in nipaluna/Hobart. This event brought together multiple…

You don’t need to do everything….

There are many ways you can act for earth, all are valid and needed. Find what speaks to you most, and do that. We all have strengths to bring and a part to play.

Report: How Climate Change Affects Mental Health In Australia

Climate change is increasingly driving more severe and frequent extreme weather events such as extreme heat, bushfires, storms and floods which have serious and wide-reaching impacts on the mental health of Australians today.

This report discusses climate change and mental health, including mental illness and suicide, effective responses and areas where further research is needed.

Sustainable self-care with yoga nidra deep relaxation

Yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices have become widely accepted tools for self care and stress relief. If I had to choose only one practice out of them all for climate activists, health workers, or anyone concerned about the climate crisis, I would choose the practice of yoga nidra. 

Looking After Our Mental Health in Response to Climate Change

As so many of us consider the serious implications of the recent IPCC report , I’m sharing here a transcript of a video piece I did last year – ‘Looking after our Mental Health in Response to Climate Change’.

CRN Meetup Report

For our Climate Resilience Network meetup on July the 18th we went for a walk through the Franklin Forest, Melurkedee country in the Huon Valley, followed by a forest-themed Guided Deep Relaxation practice with CRN member & Yoga instructor Alison Eastland.